Why "You" Matter

As constituents of District 7- we are so diverse and unique- we are 67,000 strong.  I have tried to be a Voice for you that is independent- and speaks out, even if I am standing alone.

You believe in building communities- from the Girl Scout selling her cookies in front of Hidden Canyon; to the children playing in Alexander Park off of Gowan and Pecos; to the young teenager selling the Sunday paper on Sunday on Clayton, and the beautiful community garden on Bradley street. We have managed to rebound from the 2011 recession- but we still have more work to do.

You have allowed me to represent your perspectives and be your voice in the Nevada Legislature. You have called me on the telephone and expressed what bills you want and what you need.

I need you. You are a powerful voice.  We need to still make changes and invest in paid leave programs for workers, healthcare, stabilize education, living wages, and build stronger small businesses.

I wanted to share with you- How I have been your Legislative Advocate for the since 2010.

You shared with me what you needed and I tried to create these laws for you- Some passed and some did not.




AB191: Allowed partial abatement of certain taxes if a small business invested in Higher Education (did not pass)

AB236: Prohibited HOA's from assessing fees to government entities or non-profits who are trying to fix homes in foreclosure (did not pass)

AB290: Mandates the school provide tutoring/re-teaching to make sure students pass proficiency exams (passed)

AB361: Create bidding preference for public school contracts under $100,000 (did not pass)

AB414: Required a contribution to higher education for technology commercialization by big corporations in exchange for certain tax abatements (did not pass)


AB96: Car Registration that sets up payment plans, to prepay registrations. (DMV created this program)

AB408: Business Impact statements for cities, counties and state agencies must take the time to find out if regulations will negatively impact businesses financially (passed)

AB222: Required school districts to adopt a pilot program for reading skill development centers up to 3rd grade (passed)

AB169: Revises provisions relating to contracts with a governmental agency (did not pass)

AB263: Revises provisions governing bidding on certain highway projects (passed)

AB270: Revises provisions governing minority affairs

AB298: Makes an appropriation to the City of Las Vegas to encourage the creation of small businesses (did not pass)


AB399: Created a Nevada Grow Business Mentoring program (passed)

AB225: Aligns service delivery of providers who offer programs for reentry of offenders and parolees into the community (passed)

AB235: Requires an employer to provide paid sick leave to each employee (did not pass)

AB236: Enacts provisions related to the promotion of public engagement by state agencies (passed)

AB291: Makes an appropriation for school districts to provide early childhood education programs (did not pass)

AB237: Revises provisions governing motor vehicle registration for vintage cars to make it easier (did not pass)

Community Programs/ Projects

  • 2011 to present: Youth Justice Program for 5 years- we teach youth legal rights in a school environment and also civil rights
  • 2015- I created a free adult math proficiency program- at Cheyenne high school for 4 weeks, paid licensed math teachers- because we found out adults weren’t passing “union” exams. We walked flyers into the neighborhoods-off of Alexander and Simmons- Eastside Craig and Walnut area. We had some success- because others liked the program that they re-created it- and now it is being offered at Regional Housing Authority.
  • 2015- We performed a Saturday resume editing class your adults- I partnered with Workforce Connections, DETR, lawyers, to review writing and help folks edit their resumes- we gave free USB drives to participates to save their work- We walked the fliers into the neighborhoods. We were blessed that 7/11 on Simmons and Cheyenne let us put fliers for resume classes on their counter The community store on Alexander and MLK let us put gloss fliers on the counter. - We worked very hard to make sure we let the constituents of District 7 know- beyond Face book.
  • 2013 to present: Nevada Grow  Business Development Program- ran it as a community program before the bill
  • 2013-2011- Health care Forum
  • 2012- Hosted statewide Conference on Teen Pregnancy