I am proud to announce my candidacy for Re-election to the State Assembly District 7. I have faced many tough challenges in my career as an educator and I am excited to face yet another tough, but important, challenge. Today in Nevada, we face many unique issues. But none is more important than the adversity facing our children. As an educator and a product of Clark County public schools and with two children in the School District, I know we need good legislative guidance and policy to be a companion to the most talented, caring, and brightest teachers in our classrooms.


The children in the district are struggling to make it through. We have to come together as a State to give our children hope for their education. In the Clark County school District we had an average dropout rate of 6% which equals 18,000 children who decided to give up on school. In 9th grade we had 4.9% drop out; in Grade 10 we had 5.1% drop out; in Grade 11 we had 4.7% percent drop out; in grade 12 we had 9.6% drop out of school.




I am running to serve the people of State Assembly District 7, to make sure that we, not only have great schools, but to make sure we have jobs for the citizens of this state. I am campaigning for the State Assembly to ensure that the parents of these children have jobs that build confidence, security, and provide good and decent wages for our citizens to take care of their families.




The people of the district are suffering from a high amount of job losses and cutbacks, as well as predatory lending practices resulting in many foreclosures. The highest rate of foreclosures, have been in District 7. The highest loans and the highest defaults have been in our community. I want to make sure relief is given to this district. I want people to see how these communities have been mapped to show the foreclosure.


We got up at 7:00 in the morning and brought food to United Blood Services. Myself, and Assembly members Tyrone Thompson, Daniele Monroe Moreno, Senator Aaron D. Ford, and Regent Crear. We met Ms. Amanda ( our Angel), in the green shirt.(We didnt know her, she just accepted us- and said yes to us putting items in her truck) She let us use her truck and we just became a hub and center for getting food. Walking the line of hundreds of people to keep their sugar levels up and hydrated..

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Super Saddened, by the events on the Las Vegas Strip. I had friends and family calling me at 2 and 3 am.
I am sending out prayers and love to families who had a love one unexpectedly killed or injured. Also sending support and love to the Officers who were on the scene who were involved. The raw video footage from phones..leaves you speechless.
Thank God metro had an increased police presence on the strip.

To all the families, You are in my prayers!

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Place this on your Calendar- This is meeting is about understanding the New star ratings for schools

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