Economic Development

I am constantly promoting laws that create common sense economic solutions: Nevada-based exports, product development, support for our small businesses and industrial development to build revenue statewide. One of the programs that reflect this is the Nevada Grow program that I got successfully passed in 2015. The program went from a legislative pilot to a permanent program that provides data, and analysis to businesses- through collaboration. We have served 1138 businesses so far, with an impact of $16,067,386 dollars. We created 479 jobs over 9 years. We took a $ 450,000 dollar allocation from the state and made real capital gains for businesses.

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Our children are giving up, and we need to do something about it. I am focused on making sure our children graduate and have a quality educational experience. I am already on the front line of projects to stem the tide of our children leaving schools and I want you on the front line with me. As a single mother of two children, I reared my children while I earned my law degree, and had it not been for great teachers, sharing the role of educating my kids, my job would have been a lot tougher. So I understand education and my role as a public servant, which is to directly serve our children.

Discrimination/Employment Protection

I was able to pass SB 327 in 2021 to make Nevada the 11th state to pass the CROWN ACT, which prevents hair discrimination in school and the workplace.

I will continue to work in the legislature to add protections for workers against discrimination and increasing rights under whistleblower laws.

Workforce Initiatives

I am campaigning to serve the people of Senate District 4, because the economic challenges facing the state of Nevada have affected the 7th Assembly District severely and Assembly District 6.

My background as a Professor in Business Law and participation in local economic boards, have provided me the knowledge and background I need to effectively develop solutions for this State. I have developed  Project 354 so it can target workforce issues facing Senate District 4.


Next Steps...

We have to come together as a State to give our children hope for their future.